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Title Setup Access to Compliance File Manager on SI Portal
How to Setup Access to the Compliance File Manager on Service Interaction Portal
    1. Verify the proper directory structure in Customer Profile under the "Portal" tab
2. Verify or Create User Login Account under the "SI User's" Tab
Setup a New Account if none exist with Security Level "Company"
Send the Registration Email to the New User
The Registration will have the Username, Password and URL for the Portal.
*You may want to check the "Encrypt Registration Email" option.
3. User will be directed to our Service Interaction (SI) Portal. https://mysupport.datatechitp.com/
 Login to the Portal
4. Navigate to the "Customer" Module for Advanced Business Features
Locate and click the "Compliance File Manager" module link
5. From the "Compliance File Manager" User can "Add New" to start uploading Compliance Files.
6. Only the Description, Instructions and Select File Upload are required.
7. Accessing the Uploaded files from the Customer Profile in Engage Back Office
Go to the Customer Profile
Click on the Portal Tab
Click on the File Browser Button next to the Compliance Upload Directory
8. File Browser will open to this directory and allow access to the uploaded files.
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