IT Security Personnel must take measures to fortify their location and use strong authentication measures to ensure PC level security and compliance. Shadow Shield delivers Full Active Directory Security to Remote Office Locations.

Organizations use the Cloud for Private, Public, Hybrid, and Community Data. There are a number of security issues/concerns associated with cloud computing and security issues faced by the end users in Remote Locations.

** Verify that your Cloud Provider is SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant

Cloud Customers with Small and Remote Offices can be exposed to a security breach because they don't have proper local security in place. Without a local source of Authentication PC's and other devices are exposed if any connection to the organizations Active Directory Security is lost. Shadow Shield extends your Active Directory Security to any remote location.

 Cost Effective, Small Footprint but powerful security solution with Shadow Shield Active Directory Security Server.

 120gb SSAD ensures continued protection of the local assets if connectivity to the Cloud or Home Office AD Server is lost.
 Optimize your Network Security and Performance using Sites and Services to keep all Authentication, DNS, DHCP and IP requests on the local network.
 Highly secure and significantly reduces band-with utilization.
 Shadow Shield is specially designed to extend corporate network security to remote offices but can also be a stand-alone AD.
 Local intelligent routing and Authentication keeps tighter control of remote offices.


(SaaS) Security as a Service Options: (Includes V-Support)

  • Shadow Shield 5200 AD Security Server $99 per month
    Remote Image Backup w/Restore $19.95 per month
    1tb Storage Add-On   $19.00 per month
    Firewall Security Appliance  $99.00 per month
    Versa Guard Workstation Security $4.95 per device
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*V-Support is Data-Tech Unlimited Remote Virtual Support Service with Customer Care Help Desk.

Shadow Shield SS-V7-5200U
I5 Processor / 128 SSD / 8gb Ram

Shadow Shield SS-V7- 4500U
I7 Processor / 256 SSD / 8gb Ram


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