Versa Appliances are Versatile Modular Network & Security Appliances that can be added to any network. Enterprise Design but cost effective solutions that meet the complex performance and security compliance of today's data security, productivity, recovery and network monitoring.

The Versa Strategy combines multiple business functions into easy to maintain device that can grow as your network does. The unique pricing structure of the Versa Appliance delivers high end data security at an affordable monthly cost.


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Shadow Backup and Instant Recovery Servers are Hybrid Virtual Host Servers that Backup Virtual Images of servers for near instant recovery of a failure.

Engineered to be a cost-effective solution for Business Continuity.

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Shadow Vault is Network Access Storage Appliance for files, documents and images.

The Vault is the perfect balance of Size, Cost, Performance and Productivity. Powerful Web Based GUI Interface.  Intuitive browser-based network storage software distribution. Vault delivers file-based Network Attached Storage and block-based Storage Area Networking in a single framework

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IT Security Personnel must take measures to fortify their location and use strong authentication measures to ensure PC level security and compliance. Shadow Shield delivers Full Active Directory Security to Remote Office Locations.    
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